The Mating Rituals of Geeks…

I admit it: I’m a geek. I read incessantly (even at the breakfast table, I’ll read the cereal box if there’s nothing else around), cried openly during the battle scene in Lord of the Rings, get giddy at the site of a museum (much to my big sister’s chagrin) and can easily quote the Simpsons at the drop of a dime. The thing I love about DC is I’m the norm, not the outlier. My office is teaming with geeks and I couldn’t be happier. In other cities, I’ve been told by guys if I want to keep a man, I need to “dumb it down” (yeah, right…I’ll get right on that). So it was very refreshing to discover that guys find intelligence a turn on in DC.

All this being said, I was still fairly surprised when a guy told me recently that my glasses were hot. Yeah, hot…seriously? I mean, I spend hundreds on contacts so that my beautiful brown eyes aren’t hidden behind some plastic lenses. And now you’re telling me my glasses are hot? Granted, I find a guy in glasses to be unbelievably sexy, but I thought that was just my own little quirk. However, I had no idea any guy out there would find my simple black frames to be sexy. Even if he’s the only guy in the universe who finds my lenses to be a turn on, it lets me know that DC has the best pool of guys for a geek like me….mmmmmm, geeks….

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  1. DCMart

    It’s always nice when intelligence is an asset and not a liability. You should know all about that, some of us didn’t go to a magnet school 😉

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