Adventures in…New Orleans Part 3

You can’t go to New Orleans and not hit Bourbon Street, so after our less than stellar meal at Felix’s Seafood, we moseyed on over to the infamous strip of road. This is when we discovered you could actually walk around the streets of Louisiana with a huge ass cup of beer without fear of the cops pulling a Rodney King on you. And the beer was plentiful and cheap…as were the women apparently.

So my question is what makes a love act “world famous”? But (as always), I digress…

Bourbon Street is basically an adult Disney Land, complete with bars, live music and strip clubs (including the unfortunately named “Barely Legal” and “Little Darlins”). As you stroll down the street, employees from the bars and strip clubs both try to entice you in with free cover charges and (I kid you not) shouts of “She’ll do whatever you want man…whatever you want.” Not wanting to contemplate the type of debauchery that could result in such a statement, I concentrated on the cool shops and funky signs on the street. Some of my favorites included this apron:

and this ode to Vanilla Ice:

It’s highly likely I will head back to Bourbon Street to catch one or more of the local bands playing, but since this was my first night, I didn’t want to have all the really big fun at once. So there will be more adventures on Bourbon Street to come! In the meantime, I’ll leave you with my new favorite apron:

Any takers?


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3 responses to “Adventures in…New Orleans Part 3

  1. I am pretty sure that the only thing that’s illegal in New Orleans is public urination. You can drive with a beer can in your cup holder, make a complete drunken spectacle of yourself in public, and pass out in a gutter, but don’t even think about peeing on the sidewalk. They take that very seriously.

    Kind of a civilized system, actually.

  2. dcnewbie

    “…but don’t even think about peeing on the sidewalk. They take that very seriously.”

    And for that, I am grateful….

  3. sean bean

    but in DC you can’t have a single drink and then get in your car… we have no minimum BAC…

    heck you can’t even walk out of a bar towards your car and not get arrested for intent to DUI…

    but just try to get a cop to arrest someone for public urination… go ahead… try…

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