Parmesan Gouda Cheese Bread

While out at dinner one night in New Orleans, I was doing my usual routine of taking shots of the beautiful food presented at my trough…I mean, table. One of the women seated at the next table saw what I was doing and laughed. I thought she was laughing at me for doing something as ridiculous as photographing food, but she was laughing because she was doing the exact same thing. Turns out, she writes for the King Arthur Flour’s blog, Baker’s Banter. The three of them were in town for the annual conference for the International Association of Culinary Professionals. I love, love, love King Arthur Flour, but had no clue they had their own blog! We started talking blog shop for a bit and web addresses were exchanged (along with dining experiences thus far in New Orleans). As soon as I got back to my hotel, I checked out their blog and I swear I heard angels sing as I stumbled upon a recipe for (wait for it) Hot Cheese Bread!

I have long since divulged my unholy love for bread and cheese on this blog, so you can only imagine how psyched I was to give this recipe a whirl. Even better, the bread recipe appeared to be very easy to follow. Although it did require making the starter the night before, all the other instructions were straight forward enough for even the Diva to follow. So while the strawberry pistachio ice cream was churning Saturday night, I made the starter for the bread (see the link above for the full recipe, which can be found on the Baker’s Banter blog).

The recipe calls for Gruyere cheese, which I usually love. However, when I went to Eastern Market, I sampled a cheese hybrid of Parmesan and Gouda from Bowers Fancy Dairy Products that, to put it frankly, made Gruyere taste like toe jam. So I decided to try the bread with the Parmesan Gouda instead…and IT…WAS…FABULOUS! The tangy flavors of the Parmesan gave the bread a nice sharpness, while the Gouda balanced out the Parmesan to keep it from overpowering the bread.

As the recipe suggested, I tore into the bread as soon as it came out of the oven. The cheese bubbled out of the round discs and oozed onto the baking stone (I used a stone dusted with cornmeal in lieu of a baking sheet). The outside had a great crisp crust, while the inside was soft and oozing cheese (mmmm….cheese). The recipe makes four boule-shaped loaves, two of which I gave to my in-house tasters upstairs. It received rave reviews and was gone before the night was out! And I can’t really say that I blamed them for eating it so fast…it’s amazing right out of the oven. Even better, it heats up well (I had some with dinner on Monday night)! This is hands down my new favorite bread recipe and I will be mixing it up with various other fillings. Can we say bacon anyone?



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11 responses to “Parmesan Gouda Cheese Bread

  1. Whoa, glad you loved it – me too! I’ve taken to making two kinda full-sized loaves from that recipe; one to keep, one to give. And yeah, bacon sounds like the perfect complement…
    Hope you enjoyed your New Orleans trip- PJ Hamel, King Arthur Flour (and fellow blogger with Susan Reid whom you met while photographing food…)

  2. dcnewbie

    PJ, I didn’t just love this bread, I ADORE it! It’s the best recipe I have found for bread thus far (and I have made my huge share of bread in my little life). I love your blog and am so glad I ran into Susan and the gang in New Orleans! You have a new devoted reader!

  3. That bread sounds so amazing!! It looks great with the golden brown cheese on top. It is hard to beat fresh bread but fresh cheese bread certainly does it.

  4. This does look absolutely amazing. I love Gouda. I’ll be checking out their blog for sure (and making this recipe soon!!)

    If you enjoy breads, check out Chuck’s blog at The Knead for Bread. He’s got some wonderful stuff on that one.

  5. It doesn’t get any better than bread straight out of the oven oozing with cheese, that looks awesome!

  6. This sounds so delicious! And Parmesan Gouda? I would love to taste that!!!

  7. dcnewbie

    Kevin – it’s so good, I made a second loaf yesterday because I was craving it so much! Let me assure you, it’s addictive.

    RecipeGirl – The King Arthur Flour blog is fantastic! I made some brownies from there the other night for a dinner party and they were gone before we had our second course! I’ll definitely have to check out Chuck’s blog because bread making is one of my favorite stress relievers! And I really love your blog…some of the best food porn out there!

    Brilynn – I’m going to try to add bacon in this weekend for a neighborhood brunch…I’ll let you know how it tastes!

    Deborah- If you lived in DC, I could tell you exactly where to get some Parmesan Gouda…it’s really one of the best cheeses I have ever tasted!

    And I have just noticed I use way too many exclamation points…my addiction to ellipses is already well documented.

  8. I love all of your photos! So yummy!

  9. I love both Parmesan and Gouda cheeses and I imagine this bread is DElicious!

  10. oh boy! that looks heavenly!
    will you be mailing me some, soon? ha ha
    nice work

  11. dcnewbie

    Dawn – For a moderate sum, I am more than happy to mail you some! My mom keeps saying I should hang out a shingle 🙂

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