“Long Day at Work” Meal

My friends often ask me if I always cook big elaborate meals or are there just days where I eat cereal from the box. If there was any doubt, just look at my dinner for tonight.

I have been out of my office for almost two weeks, so it was no surprise to find my desk looking as if a paper factory exploded. After fighting my way through the blizzard of white, I was tired…and in no mood to talk to anyone (or deal with the ghetto-tastic grocery store near my house). So instead of trying my hand at a savory strudel tonight, I threw in Bridget Jones’ Diary, poured a nice glass of Pinot Grigio and enjoyed a plate of cheese and crackers (well bagel crisps actually). This goes to show we food bloggers don’t always have fancy meals for dinner…even if the cheese is from Cow Girl Creamery (mmmmmm….cheese). Don’t worry though, I will be back in the kitchen this weekend! Now if only I can get the Diva to clean the dishes in my sink….

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  1. Ok, Red Hawk is like my favorite cheese right now!!! I can totally see making that my dinner!

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