Workin’ @ The Farm Stand

Spring has definitely arrived in DC and no where is that more evident than the many farmer’s markets throughout the metro area. As I have mentioned previously, I belong to the Star Hollow Farm CSA (sorry, but it’s currently closed to new members), which has a pick up site at the Adams Morgan Farmer’s Market. Now that the Farmer’s Market is open, Star Hollow has both the CSA box distribution and the farm stand to attend to on Saturdays. To help manage both projects, CSA members volunteer to distribute the boxes to other members. It not only allows Star Hollow Farm to manage the workload, it gives the members a chance to interact with each other (and share recipes!). This past Saturday, I volunteered for the afternoon shift and had a ball!

Before starting my “shift”, I walked around the market to get a feel for the different vendors. Due to a miscommunication, it was advertised in the local media that the Adams Morgan Farmer’s Market opened in May. Because of this, there are not a lot of farm stands currently set up. However, the ones that are there have already brought out the bounty of Spring. Lovely rhubarb and strawberries were on sale, along with red peppers (still a little too under ripe for my taste), green onions and spinach.

While I got ramps in my CSA box (more on what I did with them later), there were none for sale in the market itself. Quite honestly, I had never heard of ramps until a few weeks ago when I saw recipes using them on various food blogs in the blogosphere. Randy Treichler, the farmer behind Star Hollow, told me ramps are not planted. Instead, if the conditions are right, they grow wild and are then harvested. Randy (we call him Farmer Randy) then told me ramp season doesn’t last very long, so they are a prized food commodity.

I always learn something about the food I eat when I talk to Randy, which I find to be invaluable. There is something comforting about knowing how my food is being grown and who is growing it. In addition, I have always been a proponent of sustainable agriculture and supporting local farmers and local vendors. Not only does my CSA membership help support a local farm, it provides me with amazingly fresh (and high quality) produce. And that, in my humble opinion, is the secret to my fabulous creations!


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10 responses to “Workin’ @ The Farm Stand

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  2. It all looks so amazing. I haven’t really ventured much to the Farmer’s Markets around here lately (we have them year -round.) I’d like to do the CSA thing one of these days too 🙂

  3. We live around the corner from the AM market. Spring begins when they start the markets up again. They had some great beets last week, with the greens attached! Made for a tasty salad.

  4. I am really looking forward to all of the fresh in season local produce to start showing up at the farmers market.

  5. dcnewbie

    Luke – One of my favorite salads involve beets, so I got a bunch last week at the same market! If you’re going to be at the market this upcoming Saturday, make sure to talk to Farmer Randy at the Star Hollow Farm stand. He really knows his stuff!

    Kevin – Nothing beats fresh, in season produce! I can’t wait for squash and the various peppers to come into full season! What a great time to have a food blog…

    RecipeGirl – I always tout the benefits of a CSA, but it really is one of the best ways to get your food!

  6. I’m also a Star Hollow Farm member and loved your write up of the first springtime market of the season — I’m hoping for some ramps in this week’s box!

  7. dcnewbie

    Rivka – I believe I remember meeting you at the truck last Saturday! I will be there again this weekend…and we got ramps again! Is it sad that I get this excited about produce?

  8. Our farmers markets in the Pacific Northwest haven’t oepned yet. I can not wait.
    Rhubarb is a thing of great beauty, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  9. dcnewbie

    Renae –

    The minute you can, get your hands on some rhubarb! I really, really loved the way it tasted and plan on using it as much as the growing season will allow.

  10. Miranda

    Hi. Please contact me about using one of your photos. I’d like to email you a letter showing how we’d like to use it.

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