The Breakfast of (Baking) Champions

I spent a majority of this past weekend diving head first into a huge baking challenge of my own design: making homemade croissants. While the process (and end result) will be a post in and of itself, I had to show off the beautiful breakfast I made on Sunday to give me strength to finish them (for all you Mortal Kombat fans of yesteryear, I am in fact imagining pulling out the bloody spine of my opponent when I say “finish them”).

The beautiful strawberries came from my CSA this weekend and I just couldn’t wait to eat them. There was only a pint worth of strawberries, so I opted to use them as a great topping for my Fage Greek yogurt (love, love, love the stuff…all other yogurts bow down to the magnificence that is Fage), along with local honey I also got from Star Hollow Farm. There is just something about fresh strawberries that makes everything seem less daunting…including that croissant dough taunting me from the refrigerator.


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2 responses to “The Breakfast of (Baking) Champions

  1. norecipes

    Croissants are one thing I’ve never even thought about making at home. You’re a braver chef than I. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the results:-)

  2. ok i am off to eat my local strawberries with my 2% fage and a drizzle of honey

    because i wanna be just like you. and because it sounds perfect and i have all of that here right now!

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