Springtime at the Farmers Market

I hadn’t been to the Dupont Circle Farmers Market since my last visit in the dead of Winter, which was basically potatoes on parade. So on Sunday, I brought along my new friend Nikka, a Dupont Circle Farmers Market virgin, and James for a look at the start of the growing season (and my lovely new camera, of which I still don’t know 96 percent of its functions). And it is definitely great to see something other than potatoes in the many vendor bins.

Even though I get most of my produce from my CSA, there were a few things I needed for the dishes I had in mind for this week. But I have little control when it comes to fresh produce (or fresh cheese for that matter), so I ended up buying quite a bit more than I had planned. Call it excitement at seeing all the greenery (and none of the potatoes…did I tell you how %@$#%&^#^%$@$@ sick I was of potatoes).

The power of the market also got to Nikka, who ended up getting a nice little haul herself (including some cheese that can only be described as “a little slice of heaven”…her words, not mine). And James managed to find almost every free sample in the market (he’s got the gift that one does).

Even better, we spent a good hour exploring all of the vendors and their offerings and it didn’t rain on us! And yes I ended up with a huge shopping tote the size of Tattoo, but whatever…I needed the upper body workout anyways, right?


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4 responses to “Springtime at the Farmers Market

  1. Ugh, that looks so tasty and like so much fun!

  2. Liz – it is! When you move into the District, stop by the market one Sunday! You can do most of your grocery shopping there…or in my friend James’ case, most of your breakfast eating!

  3. We had a tornado last week that ripped up some of our biggest local farmers market, but I think it’s still open to a certain extent. I’m going to have to get there soon – until my dad’s garden starts producing!

  4. those carrots looks fantastic! i’m gonna look out for some today if I do pass by a grocer’s. The Farmers’ Market will be around end of this month too — ostrich burgers and lovely blue cheese breads are in order!


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