I’ve Got Mushroom Fever…Morel Mushroom Fever

What better news to get when one is sick than to discover you’ve won two pounds of fresh morel mushrooms? Well, winning the lottery would be better, but this comes damn close! The gracious people over at MarxFoods deemed my Ramp, Mushroom and Spinach tart as the winner of the vegetarian category for their mushroom contest! I am humbled beyond belief that my dish was chosen and I cannot wait to get my grubby little hands on my prize! And according to one of the authors at the MarxFoods’ blog, there is another recipe contest on the horizon in June! So stay tuned ….


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4 responses to “I’ve Got Mushroom Fever…Morel Mushroom Fever

  1. We sure had a good time making your recipe here in the office yesterday! The second Ryan was finished taking pictures we cut it up and between the four of us here, ate every last bite – it was delicious!

    Mushrooms are growing and I am planning on trying out your recipe this weekend.
    If you are interested in submitting it for our upcoming cookbook we welcome the entry. Our festival includes the greatest concentration of morel mushroom cooking in one place (going for the guinness book of records for 50th anniversary) with cooking demonstrations, Morel ‘taste of Boyne’ and a morel Chef’s Challenge. If you’ve never been before I have a feeling you’d enjoy it!

  3. Congratulations!
    I will have to try your recipe. Morel season should kick in here pretty soon. It will be my first time picking. Though I have found two here in my little forest. I posted them this morning and somehow Emily found me and I found you. Fun.

  4. Hey!! I came back to read more of your blog after the opera post and going to the next page I read this article and realized you are the “morel recipe contest winner”!!! “Congratulations”..I’m so glad to see this! I also submitted a recipe. 🙂
    I just checked out from the Library an old taping of Julia Childs..black and white episodes of “The French Chef”, she was making tarts with spinach.. I like your recipe and will have to try it! Yum!! Can’t wait to here what else you do with the morels!!

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