A Neighborhood Dinner Under a Beautiful Sky

We had so much fun at the neighborhood brunch, we decided to move it to the evening time. And with it being Memorial weekend, what better way to pass a lazy Sunday than on the roof with food, drinks and neighbors?

Greyhound Celeb joined the fun, even though she is technically not a Shaw resident. But she brought pound cake (which Carmen loves), so all was forgiven. I brought a light – and nonmayo – potato salad and had every intention of bringing a fabulous dessert. But there will be more about that much later…

Carmen and Aster again hosted and we were able to enjoy their amazing rooftop deck. To say I love their deck is an understatement. If I could move into their house without them noticing, I would. And don’t even get me started on their lovely gas stove. I cry a little on the inside every time I see it. But I digress…

Our hosts grilled up some choice pork loins, marinated in a slightly spicy but flavorful blend. I’m not a big fan of grilled pork because it usually ends up being dry and bland. This, however, was not the case with these loins.

As you can probably see, the juices managed to stay inside the meat even after being cut. What I loved most about the dinner was the presence of plenty light and seasonal dishes. Carmen made a great spicy sesame noodle dish (note to self: get that recipe) filled with crisp snow peas (I think they were snow peas…they tasted like snow peas…hmmm, were they snow peas?) and sesame seeds. The sauce had a great bite to it without being overwhelmingly spicy.

My favorite dish (besides the pound cake?) was a light pasta salad which consisted of olives and tortellini with a cheese filling (I still can’t place all of the ingredients in the filling). I have no idea who made it but it was the highlight of the meal for me.

The weather was absolutely perfect and the mosquitos have not started their Summer reign of terror, so being outside only made the dinner all the better. And as usual, the conversation flowed nicely…I even met a wonderful woman who used to write for National Geographic. We talked writing and shared book suggestions, two things that are dear to my heart (right next to cheese…and Jonathan Rhys Meyers).

As a side note, Carmen and Aster use this wonderful line of washable plastic ware called Preserve. Made of recycled yogurt cups, the cups, plates and utensils are dishwasher safe (on low heat cycles) and are very sturdy. Since it’s barbecue season, I thought I’d share a great alternative to the typical picnic plastic ware that gets thrown away.


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5 responses to “A Neighborhood Dinner Under a Beautiful Sky

  1. That looks like a fabulous spread of food. And that doggie is adorable, heh.

  2. What a fantastic memorial day picnic! It was hard to beat the weather last weekend – we finally got something back for our weeks of false spring. I smoked a 6 pound pork shoulder in my backyard on Sunday.

    Hardly gourmet, but damn good. And as much as I love smoked ribs… 22 bucks for a single rack at Giant? I’m rediscovering the really cheap cut of meat, now that the price of food is rising even faster than the price of gas.

  3. Looks like you had a beautiful Sunday! The pictues are great! Happy Summer!

  4. Liz – Marcel is adorable (or is that Oscar…I get them confused).

    Joy – It was a fantastic time! And it looked like you enjoyed your birthday baker’s day off! I need to send you some cookies!

    Jamie – Do not get me started on Giant…

  5. Carmen

    Wow, the pics are FABULOUS! I’ll email you the sesame salad recipe – and it was sugar snap peas. Re: the pasta salad – it came from whole foods (oops!)

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