A Star is Born…And a Chance to Win a Summer of Salmon!

My fabulous friends Liz, Nikka and Carmen have formed a bit of an unofficial group that we have coined the Culturati. The Culturati is fierce…and it now has a blog. Yes, the marketing genius that is Liz suggested we chronicle our misadventures for all of blog land and I agreed wholeheartedly. Thus Washington DC Culturati was formed. I love writing about food and my dishes, but I also do a lot in and around DC that I would also like to share. However, I have been thinking more and more about separating the two topics, keeping Adventures in Shaw all about my obsessive, almost illicit love of food…and photographing it in such a way as to make all you bitches drool.

So fear not, I will continue to offer up my version of food porn and my shots at recipe creating here on Adventures in Shaw. But keep your eye on Washington DC Culturati for reviews and information on the many happenings in DC! Liz has already done an excellent review of Sex and the City and of a new chocolate boutique and lounge we visited called Co Co. Sala. I will also be doing a review of Co Co. Sala, but focusing more on the food. And stay tuned as I will also be interviewing one of the owners of this lasciviously delicious new Penn Quarter spot!

And feel free to send Liz or I suggestions for cultural events, restaurants, concerts or other happenings in the DC area that we should attend and review!

And finally, Marx Food is hosting another recipe contest and this time the prize is (wait for it) THREE MONTHS OF WILD SALMON FILLETS! Yeah, you read that right. The winning recipe author will receive 3 shipments of 5 pounds of wild salmon fillets just in time for the Summer! I don’t cook with salmon a lot but I am tempted to try to compete for that prize!

I am excited Marx Food is hosting another recipe contest because they have an amazing inventory of prizes to offer! I just got my beautiful morel mushrooms on Friday and it’s a LOT of mushrooms! If any of you have any recipe suggestions for these earthy gems, please share…you don’t want to see me fuck up such beauties, do you?

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  1. Gah, this Culturati thing was such a great idea. And it gives us an excuse to go out to eat at least once a week. 😀

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