So Long Tim Russert – Nonfood Related

DC is in mourning today as we are all dealing with the shock of Tim Russert’s passing yesterday.  He wasn’t just a great journalist, he was a devoted family man and a strong lover of all things DC.  He was a member of this community that I have grown to love and cherish; a Nats fan, a believer in giving back to his community (he was heavily involved in the Boys and Girls Club of DC, among many other charities in and around the DC area) and a true lover of politics.  

Every Sunday morning, I would pull out my Washington Post, turn on Meet the Press and munch on one of the many breakfast treats I loved to make.  Unlike a lot of the spin doctors of today’s media, Tim was a neutral host of Meet the Press, asking everyone the hard questions, regardless of their political affiliation.  He wasn’t an attack dog like O’Reilly but he didn’t let his guests off the hook either.  I wasn’t always a political junkie but when the bug hit me over a decade ago, Meet the Press became my go to show.  And Tim Russert had a way of explaining things that made politics more palatable to those who found it off putting.  He was approachable, yet still very much a newsman.  The void he leaves behind can never truly be replaced.  I shudder to think what will become of Meet the Press, but this Sunday, I plan a special breakfast in honor of Tim.  

And I raise my tea glass and whisk to him and his family….


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3 responses to “So Long Tim Russert – Nonfood Related

  1. i hated to hear this. that totally but totally sucks. i loved that guy…

  2. Tim was one of the best interviewers I’ve had the honor of seeing. The most poignant thing I read about him was his interviewing style. He sought to learn as much as he could about his guest’s position and Russert would take the other side. Simple, yet effective. He will be missed.

  3. What a nice tribute. I feel much the same…a friend is gone. What a tribute he had-it fit his life perfectly. To be sent off by The Boss. That IS heaven.

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