Chocolate Swirl Shortbread Cookies…By Way of Bombay

One of my favorite food blogs, For the Love of Food, hosts a monthly event called Taste & Create. The concept? Nicole randomly pairs up two bloggers and they must select a recipe from their partner’s blog to make. Not only does it help you to discover new blogs, it may even force you to cook outside of your comfort zone. This is my first Taste & Create event and I was partnered with Bombay Foodie, who shares my love of warm bread and a hot cup of tea. So this weekend, I perused through BF’s blog and came upon these lovely shortbread cookies! Yes, I’m excited about shortbread cookies…

Bombay Foodie’s blog is about as old as mine (which means we can totally toast our one year blogiversary together) and is filled with many different recipes that span several cuisines. So why would I choose shortbread cookies you may ask? Because I have been wanting to make shortbread cookies for a while now and have it in the back of my head to host a tea party with my girlfriends. This has more to do with me wanting to relive my childhood than anything else…but I digress.

Let me say right up, these cookies were so easy to make, I really didn’t take a whole lot of pictures of the process (for the recipe, click the link above to Bombay Foodie’s site). All of the measurements were metric, so it helped that I have an electronic kitchen scale and the ability to calculate Celsius to Fahrenheit (okay, okay, I looked up the calculation on Wikipedia). I managed to make the cookies in as little as 30 minutes on Saturday afternoon, so technically they can go in my Fast Food series. In fact, if you’re ever in a pinch and need a dessert fast, these little gems are a great option. The recipe is unbelievably easy and the cookies came out with a tender, gently sweet taste and texture. In one phrase, these cookies are the perfect little tea companion to go with my favorite tea mug!

Thanks Bombay Foodie for participating in this event as I would have never found my new favorite cookie recipe. And double thanks to Nicole for creating and hosting this event!


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4 responses to “Chocolate Swirl Shortbread Cookies…By Way of Bombay

  1. The cookies look really pretty and what a great event idea – really getting to know both the person & their cooking.

  2. The cookies look lovely. This is the first cookie recipe I ever tried, so its very special to me. Hope you enjoyed baking them.

  3. Those cookies look great, I love the swirls!

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