Lasting Tribute…

I know I have talked about Tim Russert’s passing a few times on here, but I had to share this photograph with everyone. I snagged really great seats for the Friday night Nats game against the Texas Rangers and during the game, a tribute to Tim was aired on the big screen. I managed to capture this final shot and I think it says volumes.

By the way, the food funk is officially over as I spent a majority of the weekend in the kitchen. So much so I had to (sadly) turn down a kind offer of a free ticket to the Pearl Jam concert. Uhhhggg! I know, I know how could I say no? Trust me, I didn’t want to but as usual Shaw Girl’s time management skills were working against her. The fruits of this food frenzy are forthcoming…


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2 responses to “Lasting Tribute…

  1. So glad that your food funk is over. I sent you a package just in case it lasted too long. Look for a little box in the mail from your blogger friend in Cali!

  2. Joy – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What a great ray of sunshine your care package was for me! The postcard now rests happily on my refrigerator so I can see a bit of sunshine every morning, rain or shine!

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