How Good is Your Salsa?


In case the practically suffocating humidity didn’t tip you off, D.C. is in the full grips of Summer now.  But the trade off of sweating through my professional clothes walking to work (seriously, I do not look pretty when I finally make it to my office) is the vast amount of fresh fruits and vegetables available at local farmers markets.  The folks over at FreshFarm Market are putting on their Annual Salsa Contest to help us figure out what the heck to do with all of it. 


I only just received this information yesterday, so take note that the deadline for this contest is TOMORROW!


Annual Salsa Contest at H Street FRESHFARM Market.

August 2nd 9:30-12.

H Street Market is at 624 H Street NE, in the parking lot.


Rules (Lillian cannot go outside…oh, sorry that was a “Raw” flashback):


·Your salsa must be homemade (we can spot that Old El Paso stuff from a mile away)

·Most of your ingredients must come from the H Street Market (except things like limes, orange juice, mango)

·Your salsa can’t be so hot that it makes people cry


FRESHFARM Markets will provide the tortilla chips on the day of the event.  Prizes will be awarded for the top three salsas!

Sign-up to submit a salsa at by July 31st

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