So Sorry…

I know a number of you have come to my site in search of the latest Daring Baker’s challenge (and my usually disastrous tales that come from it) but a very hectic life and sadness have gotten the best of me this July.  Hence the lack of posting lately, for which I am truly sorry.  The good news:  my dear friend Daphne is now a DC resident (and my neighbor) and I am finally shaking off the cooking inertia that set in after the Diva’s passing. 

The bad news:  I am currently sans my beloved Canon.  The pop-up flash wasn’t working, making it impossible to take pictures in low lighting in automatic mode.  Fortunately, for the first time ever, I opted to purchase a warranty when I originally bought my camera.  So now it’s been shipped to the Canon gods for repair.  But apparently the Canon gods are super slow, as it will take up to 6 weeks for me to get it back.  Daphne has been kind enough to offer me her point and shoot in the mean time, so you may notice a slight difference in photo quality for a while.  BUT, I am back and I definitely plan on hanging out in my kitchen this upcoming weekend (for the first time in a LONG time), so stay tuned!  In the meantime, head on over to the Daring Baker’s blogroll to see what some of my fellow DBers did this July!  And I promise I will be back to my usual DB shenanigans in August…snafus, idiotic decisions and all!


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3 responses to “So Sorry…

  1. Sorry to hear your Canonless..for a few more days hopefully! We’ll look forward to seeing your challenge for August..the hottest baking month ever! 🙂 But hey..maybe they’ll surprise us and challenge us with a “cool” dessert!

  2. so glad you got a warranty. i am usually the one to opt out but with an infant at home, its usually a no brainer since i am losing my own mind. hope it comes back quick for you.

  3. I’ve missed you so! I hope you get your Canon back soon. God Bless the warranty.

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