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Wedding Cake Cupcakes

On my walk to work yesterday morning, I noticed a young couple who were obviously lost. I had the feeling they were tourists (the confused looks on their faces was the first clue), but they weren’t doing the normal, annoying touristy things (you know, standing in the middle of the sidewalk with a map the size of North Dakota folded out and obstructing everyone’s view). I was about to go over and offer assistance when a man beat me to it. This guy looked like the typical DC lawyer: impeccably dressed, briefcase in hand and a cellphone glued to his ear. But he still stopped and helped this couple find their way. It was one of the nicest gestures I’ve seen in a while and put me in the mood to make these cupcakes.

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Kale, Potato and Chicken Sausage “Soup”

Why is the soup in quotes you ask? Because I don’t like soup…scratch that I don’t like non-creamy, really wet soup. And that eliminates quite a good portion of soups in the world. When I ran across a recipe for a smoked sausage, kale and potato soup, I thought “Nice flavor combinations, but why does it have to be ruined with broth”. So I put on my little thinking cap and came up with a way to incorporate the flavors of the recipe without all that pesky wet stuff. The result? A delicious concoction that made me glad I don’t like soup.

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Summer Peach Cobbler

I have a bit of a confession: I don’t really like peaches. I know, I know, you’re thinking: “But you’re from Georgia…isn’t that I don’t know, the PEACH state?”. Yes it is, you insolent ass but that doesn’t negate the fact that I am not really a peach fan. They always seemed to lack flavor and had a weird fuzzy consistency that reminded me of eating bugs (not that I go around eating bugs, but you get the drift). But as with most things, that was before I had some fresh, lovely peaches straight from the farm.

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It’s Been A While…

I know I promised to get back into my blogging groove, but life happens. I’ve been swamped with friends, with work and with my unofficial role as wedding planner to the stars. Fear not, however, I have plenty of content to keep everyone reading this week, as I played hostess/caterer to the engagement shindig over at casa de Liz’s last night. Just let me recover (hostess should not drink that much white wine) and steal Liz’s photos off of Flickr (you didn’t expect me to take pictures AND cook, did you?) and we’ll be back in business.


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