“Uhmmmm, So What’s That Next to the Potatoes?”


I bet you’re wondering about that lovely cut of meat quietly sitting beside the Asiago Rosemary Au Gratin Potatoes. It’s okay to wonder…you’re not cheating on the potatoes by looking longingly at that delicious slab of beef next to it. In fact, I think the potatoes would be insulted if you didn’t tip your salivary glands towards its plate companion. So what is it you ask? Well, not to be coy but I can’t tell you…at least not here. To learn more about the roast, you will have to trek over to DCFoodies.com, where I have begun contributing posts on local food vendors and how to prepare fresh, in season produce. Regular readers to Adventures in Shaw know I am a strong proponent of sustainable agriculture and using local foods from local farmers and vendors. By contributing to DCFoodies.com, I can spread that message to more DCites (and not bore you to tears with weekly posts about farmers markets and food vendors in DC). Now before you start worrying that a new column elsewhere means Shaw Girl will pull one of her disappearing acts again, take a deep breath and relax. Adventures in Shaw isn’t going anywhere…where else can I swear like a sailor and talk about food at the same time? Fuck yeah! Okay, that was just put in there so I can curse…


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4 responses to ““Uhmmmm, So What’s That Next to the Potatoes?”

  1. Those potatoes were sooooooo good.

  2. That looks like the most perfect dinner. I might come in January and never leave… be careful!

  3. i totally did not get any potatoes…

    but, good column. That roast looks delicious even if I don’t like mushrooms.

  4. @ What Liz Said – Wait until you come over on Wednesday…such goodies in store!

    @ Joy the Baker – Is that all it takes to lure you to the East Coast? Can’t wait until January! It will be a cross-blog event (like when CSI and CSI: Miami crossed over…only with much better acting).

    @ Rickbman – Perhaps you should come up more often ;-). I’ll make sure to save you a little somethin’ for the weekend.

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