Food for Comfort


This is the time of year where we turn to food for comfort…it’s cold, it’s snowing (at least for some…so bummed it’s not snowing here yet) and you want something that makes you feel warm and cozy. I admit it, this is the time I break out the heavy recipes and relish every last bit. Apparently the people over at Marx Foods think the exact same way about this time of year. They are hosting another one of their fabulous contests and this time it’s a call for comfort food recipes! I’m throwing my hat in with my lovely Roasted Winter Squash soup, but there are already tons of great recipes in the running. And what is the fabulous prize this time? Are you sitting down? No? Well perhaps you should because it’s a $250 gift certificate (did I mention they sell TRUFFLES)! So head on over before the contest ends on November 17th and give it the old college try!

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  1. If I had a good recipe for that contest, I would so do it. Alas everything I make is from someone else’s recipe. I do not have anything original lol.

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