Pajama Party Menu…Or Things To Stuff in My Face as the Ball Drops


As I mentioned previously, instead of dealing with crowded restaurants or bars or annoying drunk people at parties (not that I ever enjoy dealing with annoying drunk people), I am staying in on New Year’s Eve for a grown up pajama party. The Boy is in charge of movies and I am in charge of food, so I’ve been pouring over cookbooks and food blogs trying to find fun and creative but simple foods to nosh on. I am also working on a signature cocktail that we will both love to ring in 2009. So far I’ve come up with these ideas:

Considering it’s just the two of us, I think that is plenty to bring in the New Year! Believe it or not, most of these things can be done ahead of time (both the wheat thins and buns for the sliders for instance) and the Boy proved to be fairly adept in the kitchen this weekend (more on that later), so I’m set! Now I just need to come up with a kick ass cocktail…any suggestions?


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6 responses to “Pajama Party Menu…Or Things To Stuff in My Face as the Ball Drops

  1. Sounds yummy and fun. I’m having people over for board games and make-your-own-pizza. Everyone brings a topping and I provide the dough and sauce. Should be pretty easy. I hope!

  2. @ Sizzle Why oh why must we live in two different Washingtons? I am a total board game whore and would love that! And your make your own pizza idea sounds fantastic!

  3. I’m on my way … DC isn’t too far! Thanks for the Ode to Steve’steaks πŸ™‚

  4. Everything sounds delish! As for cocktails, my mom makes a couple awesome punches. One has SoCo, 7-Up and some kind of yellow juice (maybe pineapple?). That one hits you pretty quick, but it’s good. Another has pomegranite juice and champagne and something else. Vague, I know πŸ™‚

    Anyway, cheers to a New Year in and away from the drunks!

  5. @ Anne – Thanks for putting this fabulous recipe on your site! I’ve been dreaming of Steve’steaks ever since I decided to add it to our NYE menu! I am going to buy the steaks today and will probably have a hard time not making them for dinner tonight!

    @ Super Girl – that pomegranate juice and champagne cocktail sounds delicious! I love pomegranates, so I will be on the hunt for champagne recipes with pomegranate juice! Thanks and Happy New Year!

  6. Sounds like a fabulous (and yummy) night. Me & my boy are staying home too—and making caviar and foie gras (spending what we’d spend on drink out at the bars). Hope you have a great time. : )

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