Dinner and a Movie


I must first apologize for the less than stellar quality of the photos in this post. The idea for it came well after cooking was underway and truth be told, I was freakin’ hungry. While this may seem to be an ordinary steak dinner, it is not. It is sooo much more and was sooo much tastier because someone else cooked it for me.

Okay, okay, I helped a bit…I sliced up the onions, minced the rosemary and steamed the green beans. But the rest was in the capable hands of the Boy. It all started while we were wandering around Trader Joe’s in Annapolis, trying to decide what to do on a Saturday night. Instead of going out for dinner, we decided to cook at home and then head out to see a movie. But honestly, I really didn’t want to cook anything complicated. The Boy had been promising to cook for me, so he offered to make his signature steak and potatoes dinner. Needless to say, I was more than willing to relinquish the kitchen to someone else if only for one night.


The potatoes were simple enough: cutting up new, red and purple potatoes, tossing them with olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh rosemary and roasting them for about 40 minutes (honestly we under roasted the potatoes but they still tasted good…or wait, did I not mention I was hungry?). The steak, however, was something all together different:


Oh yeah, they tasted just as good as they looked. And no, that’s not a grill! The Boy took two steaks, rubbed them with a garlic clove and ground fresh pepper on each side. The sliced onions (and a clove of garlic) were placed in a skillet over medium heat with a tablespoon of olive oil. The steaks were seared on top of the sliced onions and garlic and then turned and seared on the other side. Details escape me because I was so surprised to have a guy cooking in my kitchen, but I think the steaks were seared for about four one minutes on each side (the Boy just corrected me). While the steaks were searing on the stove, the Boy turned the oven to broil (shocking I know, but those beautiful babies pictured above were BROILED, not grilled). After searing the steaks, the Boy put them in our makeshift broiler pan and broiled the steaks on each side for about 7 minutes (they were slightly pink in the middle when done). But here’s the really odd thing: he kept the oven door cracked open while the steaks broiled. When I asked why, he said something about something…blah, blah, blah. All I know, is the steaks were amazingly delicious! I am not a huge fan of steaks but even I wanted another one after devouring my own (did I not mention I was starving???).

After dinner, we headed over to the Landmark Theater in DC to see one of the most enthralling character movies I have seen in a long time. To find out which one (and the Boy’s opinion of it), head here! And immediately after reading said post, run to the theater!

Side note: Remember how I was planning on making homemade buns for the Philly Steve’steak sandwiches for New Year’s Eve? Uhmmm, yeah that’s not gonna happen. Why you may ask? Because Shaw Girl got a new toy for Christmas….


The Boy will just have to settle for store bought baguettes…I think he’ll live (not that he has much of a choice).


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6 responses to “Dinner and a Movie

  1. I loved that movie!

    And that steak looks good. I love when a guy cooks for me. IF and I mean IF I can give up control of my kitchen. 😉

  2. @Sizzle – I was literally on the edge of my seat because I cared sooo much about those characters! The theater was still packed even though this movie has been out for a while too! And it’s always hard for me to give up control of my kitchen…I’ve been told I get bossy in the kitchen (not that this should surprise anyone who knows me).

  3. awesome movie… awesome steaks… i want another one

  4. @rickbman – You’re getting homemade Philly Cheesesteaks tonight, so calm your steak craving for now. I don’t want to hear of a man going on a steak rampage in Annapolis…

  5. this all looks so yummy!!
    i just started cooking (real food, not pb and j’s and boxed mac and cheese) and i am really enjoying it. i will be checking out your blog for ideas and inspiration!

    happy new year!

  6. @ Tami – So glad you’re loving cooking and welcome to my little site! Feel free to email me if you ever have any questions! Happy New Year!

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