Announcing Bittman Mondays


I know I promised the first installment of Bittman Thursdays today but honestly, Shaw Girl is STILL sick.  I am thinking spending well over 12 hours out in the cold didn’t help any on Tuesday (but it was soooo worth it).  So due to illness, Bittman Thursdays will henceforth be rechristened “Bittman Mondays” (see the fancy logo…yeah that’s about as much as I could muster).  I actually made the recipe already and even took the photos.  I am just too exhausted to put together my usually (or at least in my mind) witty prose.  So check back in on Monday!  And send soup!


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2 responses to “Announcing Bittman Mondays

  1. Jj

    Consider chicken soup sent – home made, of course. Feel Better!

  2. Get better soon! Will look forward to seeing it on Monday.

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