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A Day I Will Never Forget

Yes it was freezing; yes the logistics were not the greatest; yes a lot of people even with tickets to the Inauguration didn’t get in at all.  But it was worth every bit of hassle to be a part of history.  Being a part of the huge crowd and witnessing President Obama take the oath of office brought tears to my eyes.  We met some wonderful people and everyone was so excited, joyful and happy.  The video I took wasn’t the best (and I still can’t get the video I took of Obama’s Inauguration speech to upload to YouTube or Facebook) but it is one of my proudest possessions.  I am humbled and honored to have been there.  And I wanted to share these pictures with you.  Whether you agree or not with his political stand, at least marvel at so many people gathering to celebrate our country!






I didn’t do a whole lot of cooking this past week…I was sick for a part of it and then the Inauguration excitement took over the holiday weekend.  But I will be back tomorrow with the first installment of Bittman Thursdays and I’m still on the hunt for DC’s best burger (thank you for all the restaurant suggestions…keep them coming)! Next up, my review of DC Chophouse’s burger.


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A Part of History


So as you all know, I live in DC and right about now is one of the most exciting times to live here.  The city is alive with hope and promise and I am moved to tears at the majesty of it all.  Being here at this time in history only makes me love DC even more (and I wasn’t sure I could love a city any more than I loved DC before all of this).

I took a bunch of pictures yesterday while out and about in the city and I wanted to share some of them with you.  It doesn’t matter who you supported in the election…what matters is we all come together and celebrate how far this nation has truly come.  This morning, we’re heading down to the Mall to watch the Inauguration of our 44th President of the United States…and I am honored to be able to say “I was there”.  And don’t worry, I will take TONS of pictures so you guys feel like you were there too…











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New Kitchen Helpers….


Just wanted to introduce you guys to the newest members of the Shaw Girl family! This afternoon we went and picked up Roo (on the right) and Scout (on the left) from the Humane Society Shelter in Washington, DC, two adorable little sisters who needed a home. Roo is spunky and fiesty while Scout is a bit more reserved (but still sassy in her own right)! They’re scamps, they’re sweet and they’re oh so fierce!




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My Dear Diva

It is with an unbelievably heavy heart that I write this post.  On Monday, my beloved Squeaker (known on here as The Diva) was put to sleep to ease the suffering she was going through.  She was not just my cat, but my absolute buddy through thick and thin.  She was there for every single moment of my adult life and helped me through some very low points.  I am at a loss for words that can adequately express what she meant to me but a very dear friend of mine sent me an email after learning of Diva’s passing.  Hopefully he won’t mind that I shared his words with you:

“Sadness and mourning allow us time to reflect on what has passed in our lives. Although I did not know your cat, I know you. If you’re anything like me, animals help maintain our sense of balance. Anyone who has loved their pet knows how important they are to keep a measure of sanity in a sometimes insane world. For a very long time, Squeaker gave you a sense of certainty and the amazing gift of unqualified love, that much I know. Now that that certainty is gone, you might feel off-balance. You will persevere.”

“Our love for our animals is painful in the end, that much is true. I know when I lost my dogs and my cat, I felt as if a piece of me had died too. For the longest time I couldn’t think of them without crying. It hurts, they are family. When no one else is there, they are there. Nothing is more valuable than the happiness they give. I’m sure Squeaker was no exception. The pain may seem unbearable now, but in the future you may temper that sadness with the shear volume of love your cat gave you. The happiness you two experienced will never be replaced. You can call yourself lucky that you had love without question. Nothing will ever replace your friend, but the memories of love, companionship, and happiness will live on in her place.”


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So Long Tim Russert – Nonfood Related

DC is in mourning today as we are all dealing with the shock of Tim Russert’s passing yesterday.  He wasn’t just a great journalist, he was a devoted family man and a strong lover of all things DC.  He was a member of this community that I have grown to love and cherish; a Nats fan, a believer in giving back to his community (he was heavily involved in the Boys and Girls Club of DC, among many other charities in and around the DC area) and a true lover of politics.  

Every Sunday morning, I would pull out my Washington Post, turn on Meet the Press and munch on one of the many breakfast treats I loved to make.  Unlike a lot of the spin doctors of today’s media, Tim was a neutral host of Meet the Press, asking everyone the hard questions, regardless of their political affiliation.  He wasn’t an attack dog like O’Reilly but he didn’t let his guests off the hook either.  I wasn’t always a political junkie but when the bug hit me over a decade ago, Meet the Press became my go to show.  And Tim Russert had a way of explaining things that made politics more palatable to those who found it off putting.  He was approachable, yet still very much a newsman.  The void he leaves behind can never truly be replaced.  I shudder to think what will become of Meet the Press, but this Sunday, I plan a special breakfast in honor of Tim.  

And I raise my tea glass and whisk to him and his family….


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