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Whole Wheat Lemon Buttermilk Pancakes


If only all resolutions were this tasty…whole wheat flour and wheat bran accented with lemon. Enough said…

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Hearty Homemade Granola


Unlike previous year’s resolutions, I decided to get started right away on my Culinary Resolutions for 2009. To the right, you will now see the “Ask Shaw Girl” box inviting readers to send in their cooking questions/dilemmas/cries for help. Hopefully there will actually be enough questions to make “Ask Shaw Girl” a monthly segment. If not, I guess I could get the kitties to offer up their queries (“Why do you make all of these things from scratch and then feed me from that bag you haul out? Where’s our homemade liver treats???”). I’ve also ordered Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything” (Amazon says I’ll have it on January 16th!!!!!) and plan on cooking my way through it in a (hopefully) weekly posting I’ll lovingly refer to as Bittman Thursdays. And most importantly, I’ve slowly started cooking more with whole grains…which brings me to the lovely granola of which this post is about…

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Asparagus, Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Saute

I’m getting cabin fever…and it ain’t pretty. I’ve been sick for almost four days and if I see one more Lifetime movie about some woman killing her husband for the insurance money/because he beat her/because it’s Tuesday, I’m going to throw something at my television.  And I can only read for so long (especially when all that lovely cold medicine takes effect and makes me want to sing show tunes) before my eyes start to cross.  So what else can I do to keep myself from starting fires (yeah, I think fire is pretty)?  I can cook…while sitting on a barstool to keep my balance.  Now you may ask “Why are you cooking when you can’t stand upright without some sort of support?”  And my answer:  do you want to hear about a raging fire in Shaw?  No?  Then shut up and keep reading…

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