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Whole Wheat Lemon Buttermilk Pancakes


If only all resolutions were this tasty…whole wheat flour and wheat bran accented with lemon. Enough said…

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Walnut Apple Dutch Boy

Outside of Christmas, Fall is my favorite time of year. After the oppressive heat of the Summer, it’s nice to have a cool crispness in the air. And the beauty of watching the leaves change colors is almost indescribable. Going on a long, directionless car ride surrounded by beautiful trees was one of my most treasured childhood memories. We’d get into the car and drive around Augusta, looking out at the trees and trying not to get on each other’s nerves (my sister wasn’t a fan of younger Shaw Girl…seriously, she tried to give me away on several occasions). But the best thing about Fall to me is the new crop of produce I get to play with…and a cooler kitchen! You try gathering up the motivation to bake or cook in 98 degree heat…

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Mixed Berry Pancakes

For me, Sundays mean decadent breakfasts spent lounging over the newspaper and listening to the pundits battle it out on the talking head shows. So when I woke up on Sunday, I decided to treat myself to my favorite: mixed berry pancakes. The recipe is not only easy, but it turns out fluffy pancakes every time!

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