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Beautiful Disasters…Or Why is This Soup Gray?


Sometimes I get a little too big for my britches. I concoct fanciful recipes in my head thinking they will come out fantastic and somehow catch the attention of Mark Bittman, who will beg me to be his apprentice. I usually have such thoughts while at my desk at work, which leads to furious scribbling of ingredients on post it notes. This is how this recipe started out…unfortunately, this is one time it should have stayed on a post it note. Continue reading


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Soup’s On…Over at DCFoodies.com


I’ve been whipping up soups left and right, even though I’m not a broth based soup fan. But it’s cold and I’m running out of ideas for tubers and carrots. To find out more about this lovely looking soup, head on over to DCFoodies.com! And believe it or not, I have another soup recipe for you guys this week!

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Kale, Potato and Chicken Sausage “Soup”

Why is the soup in quotes you ask? Because I don’t like soup…scratch that I don’t like non-creamy, really wet soup. And that eliminates quite a good portion of soups in the world. When I ran across a recipe for a smoked sausage, kale and potato soup, I thought “Nice flavor combinations, but why does it have to be ruined with broth”. So I put on my little thinking cap and came up with a way to incorporate the flavors of the recipe without all that pesky wet stuff. The result? A delicious concoction that made me glad I don’t like soup.

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