Running for a Cause

Over the last few months, I have really upped my running routine and truly come to enjoy my runs. With those thoughts in mind, I started looking for a 5k to participate in within the DC metro area. Imagine my pleasant surprise to find a 5k that supports colon cancer research. As some of you may already know, my beloved older sister Sharon is a colon cancer survivor. So to not only be able to complete a 5k, but to do it in support of a cause I strongly believe in was too much to pass up. So on March 30 in West Potomac Park, I will be running my very first 5k! My friends Kelly, Scotty, Zumi, Selena and Kelly dog will be there to cheer me on (and if any of you will be in the DC area, feel free to come out too), even though it’s at 8 am on a Sunday. As it is a fundraising event, there is a link to make a donation to colon cancer research. If anyone is interested, feel free to check out the website Scope It Out 5k.

My gym is fairly small, so the women who work out around the same time have formed a bit of a social support network. I mentioned to one of them my intentions to run a 5k and she gave me several tips. Apparently, two years ago she up and decided to start running and did a “Couch to 5k” program with her husband. She said her first 5k was exhausting, but she felt an immense sense of pride at finishing it. She did a few more 5k’s and found herself hooked. The 5k’s led to 10k’s, which led to her completing the Army 10miler (a celebrated race here in DC) last October. She did three half marathons last year and is now training for a full marathon. I was surprised to hear she had done so many races in only 2 years and it gave me a bit of inspiration. Not that I am planning on running any marathons soon, but my new goal is to do the Army 10miler in October 2009. So I will be entering as many 5k and 10k races as I possibly can over the next two years in preparation for my new goal. The lady at the gym gave me some training tips that I plan to incorporate into my current routine, so I will keep y’all (I’m from the South, so yes, I say y’all) posted on my progress!

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