Top Chef Rant 2…This Time I’m REALLY Pissed

I have no clue what crack the judges are smoking this season on Top Chef, but they have just royally pissed me off! As before, if you don’t want the ending spoiled (or if cursing bothers you), don’t read after the jump…and if cursing does bother you, why the fuck are you reading my blog?

Okay, that last sentence was harsh, but I’m still pissed! Daphne’s ears are probably ringing from all the yelling I did while we were watching Top Chef. How the f%#@&*! do they choose the least talented and most annoying chef over Antonia, a solid performer throughout this competition and an all around cool single mom? Maybe her beans were undercooked, but the judges even said their major concerns were only the beans and the fact that she plated all of her items on one dish. Uhmmm, what the fuck? Lisa’s entire judgment was called into question from start to finish! Tom even said he had no clue why she chose to attempt to cook strictly Latin flavors (what moron cooks authentic local flavors if they’re NOT FROM THAT REGION?!?!?).

And then the bitch has the NERVE to chastise Stephanie and Richard (the two NICEST people ever to grace Top Chef’s kitchen) about not congratulating her. Get the stick out of your ass! You don’t deserve to be there, so just shut up and be glad all the judges drank so much they couldn’t tell how crappy you really cook!


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5 responses to “Top Chef Rant 2…This Time I’m REALLY Pissed

  1. OMG, I couldn’t believe it when Lisa said that ridiculous line about not congratulating her. It’s just passive aggressive (well, maybe just aggressive) and inflammatory. I had a feeling early they were going to kick off Antonia though.

    Did you notice the text message poll showed 91% of voters in favor of getting rid of Lisa? It’s irritating because I feel like people with real talent (Antonia, Dale) have been kicked off, while others (Lisa, that dude with the ridiculous hats whose name I forgot) managed to hang on by being consistently second from the bottom. But, take heart–Lisa isn’t going to win.

  2. Lisa looks like she smells bad. 😦

  3. Alicia – I know Lisa won’t win, but like you, it’s frustrating for me to see real talent like Dale (who totally should be in the top three with Richard and Stephanie) and Antonia get kicked off when Lisa and Spike (idiot hat guy – who by the way is opening a “restaurant” in Capitol Hill…don’t even get me started) got farther. I am seriously starting to question Gail, Padma and Tom’s palette.

    Liz – And she always has this sour look on her face. Like Richard said, she’s a black cloud, which I’m sure makes her fun at parties!

  4. I lovvvved when Richard was like, congratulations…you got the bronze medal. I have disliked Lisa from the start, her attitude is terrible and she has consistently been on the bottom! Booooo

  5. tammommy

    I had heard a rumor that Antonia would go home before Lisa, and I thought what? There is nothing that Antonia could do bad enough, short of not even showing up that would send her home before Lisa…..well, i guess I was wrong!

    I still think that if Tom had been on judges table the other week, that Lisa would have been gone and not Dale.
    At this point I think that makes Lisa in the bottom SIX times, only Spike, who is already gone, was in the bottom more!! She will not, can not win this, she really can’t cook on a level anywhere near to Richard and Stephanie.

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